What I think I am:

Fairly good on mushrooms. I have picked mushrooms since late sixties. First only chanterells (Cantharellus cibarius). Among the good edible fungi I now only haven´t picked the giant puffball (Jätteröksvamp)(Langermania gigantea) and pig´s ears (ViolGubbe)(Gomphus clavatus). Since last year I have seen them too but not eaten them.
I have ,on University level, studied four courses on mushrooms. Two of them were on mushrooms in general. The third on toxic mushrooms and the fourth on “Mushrooms as food”. I usually have 2-3 excursions each autumn. I am one of circa 250 mushroom consultants (svampkonsulenter) in Sweden.

Very interested in everything regarding Bob Dylan. Reading and listening. Some would say obsessed in his works. His later recordings made a reunion between me and him in the early 2000. Spotify and Youtube reinforced this.

Much into freeware. Nowadays more looking if there is new stuff than downloading and installing new apps. More into extensions now and android apps.

Interested in litterature.Reading books of various kind. Crime novels, memoires/biographies, fiction novels and books on philosophy.


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